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Day Dreamin' (Teaser)

(Just a small something I'm currently working on. I may post it in the future on a self publishing platform for $2 or so. As I'm saving up for a new laptop for writing and it's looking like it will be around the 10k word mark, let me know what you think! Enjoy!)

The chain attached to my collar suddenly clinked and went taunt with tension as it was yanked forward, which made me tip forward unexpectedly with a muffled, “Mmmpfft!” A deep, amused chuckle sounded. He pulled me up by the collar till I wriggled and squirmed my way up into his lap from the floor before him. My hands were cuffed behind me, the steel biting into my skin slightly as I tried to keep my balance. His suit pants were soft against my bare skin and making it both easier and harder to slide up into the right position. He didn’t help me, he just pulled at the collar in the direction he wanted me in. My face was flush with effort, the bit I was wearing making things a little harder, as I had to keep trying to swallow as I didn’t want to drool all over his expensive pants. That would earn me a harsh punishment. Finally, I was more or less where he wanted me, I was in his lap over one knee. My ass within his reach, which ended but being his goal,

“Have you been a good girl?” He asked as a large, rough hand smacked me on my ass; At the same time, the same large hand lightly but more firmly than necessary smacked a document down on my desk,

“Yes Sir!” I squeaked as I was jolted out of my day dream. I looked up with eye’s still smoldering with naughty day dreams, until I realized my boss was standing before me. My cheeks instantly flushing bright red and eyes filling with horror as I realized what I’d said, and to whom. I saw a quirk of a smirk ghost the very handsome face before me, right before I quickly stared in horror at my hands in my lap, heart sinking.

“Day dreaming, again, Charlie?”

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