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Quickie in Napier and Studies.

Hey Strangerfolks!

Just a quick update,

Going on an impromptu tour to Napier 25th to 27th, so three nights only!

I also finish my studies in two weeks, so I'll be available full time again.

And I'll have a bloody degree! I've basically passed already, just have to polish my essay up to hand in and then a small final test. It hasn't sunk in yet. It's been a rough journey of eight years for me, learnt a lot about myself on the way (Dyslexia, ADHD, touch of the Tism lol) So, it's still very unreal.

First in my entire family as well. So, bit of a landmark for myself and co.

Then I'll be crazy and try an Honours paper next year.

Get me an early Graduation gift here: Wishtender

Until we meet,

Stay safe, stay sane,

Charlie xx

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