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Christmas Update

Hello my Gents and Strangerfolk!

Christmas definitely snuck up very quickly! So happy festive session to all, and a special thank you to all my Regular Gents that have made this year extra amazing. Thank you.

I'll be around for Christmas and New Years, I'm toured out so most likely staying put in Wellington till at least Feb.

For my wonderful Gents and my Strangerfolks, I have an Overnight special running till the end of the year. $400 off the usual price. Christmas Eve would be a dream to wake up nice and cozy with someone on Christmas Day. Or, Cozy Christmas day evening - I sadly don't have a fireplace to lounge in front of, but we can pretend! Or, New Years eve, end the year with a bang, and start the new year with a bang! Or any time in between. If you book before the end of the year for a session in Jan I will honour the special price too.

If you're a Christmas, or holidays Orphan, come and cozy up with me during the silly session, and we can put a smile - more like a giant grin, on that face. Warm fuzzies!

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