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Agency Vs Agency

Alright, buckle up buttercup. I’m mildly irritated and perplexed at the moment. So, the worst thing I could do is write about controversial topics. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Been in the industry well over a year now, and it has one of the strongest disparities in term of client relationships I’ve felt. I literally can’t say anything bad, or it’s seen as bad character on my part. I’m quite bluntly, sick of it. Might just be the ADHD patience run out though. I’m fed up. I’m sick of clients running over me in the inquiries or violating boundaries, and me not being able to say anything, cause its “bad for business”. Send stupid messages, get stupid prizes. I don’t understand how clients that are fucking Adults, send some of the most atrocious messages on the planet, or throw tantrums when I say no. How old are you 12? I literally have instructions on what to send, and yet, apparently, it’s rocket science. Hi? You available? Confirm tit size. Address? ”Do you do illegal services?” I want these 20 services in a twenty-minute booking – These are not inquiry texts. Let alone the for “fun” abusive messages we get when some clown is bored and playing with his little diddle. Or the multitude of time wasters that send you twenty questions and never book. Get a fucking hobby. My god. I love my job - the in-person side of it, but the messaging side of it is quite literally driving me bonkers. Which is a perfect segway into what I actually wanted to write about.

Agency verses agencies. As most of you know, I worked at an agency for close to a year. I loved it. Until the new owner decided that they were going to run the place into the ground and be a danger to all the staff. I won’t go into great detail as to what was/is still happening, but I left due to serious safety concerns coming from the top. Also, the place was not being updated or looked after. It was starting to become gross, and frankly, after having the shower fall down on clients repeatedly because things aren’t getting fixing. It gets pretty embarrassing. There’s only so many times you can pretend that’s never happened before. I did love it at the beginning though, marketing, supplies and inquiries are all sorted for you. You don’t have to think about anything apart from getting ready and giving a great service. The pay cut hurts however, it’s a 40% cut at the place I was working at. Which you really start noticing when things aren’t getting done or topped up because why are you there then? (Which was another straw at why I left). But you pay for the convenience. It gave me somewhere to go, hang out with other workers/industry people, and have a routine without any of the pressures that come with an ordinary job. It’s amazing when the environment is right. The old owner did an amazing job, which I’m glad I got to experience before the new owner destroyed it completely within a few months.

But; there are great perks at having full agency over your own work and environment. Apart from the damn messaging! I have a working room I’m actually proud of, the shower doesn’t fall down (a bonus), it shows my style and personality. I feel comfortable and I feel like I can be sexy here. My marketing is exactly how I want, I can be creative and try new things. I can write terrible blogs about silly things. The money goes directly to me and my terrible high rent. I do have to be everything at once (like a real business owner my gosh), HR, the boss, admin, marketing, accountant, provider and bouncer. I also, despite the annoyance sometimes, like being in direct contact with my clients, and get to choose who I see. Don’t be scared. If you send a normal, human like message I will respond kindly. And! If you follow my instructions on my ad’s, you’ll be getting a glowing service. I can also have full control of my pricing. I don’t like having an “upsell” structure, I feel gross having to try and upsell things to clients - I don’t feel comfortable in doing it, no dig at others who do. So, I decided to have an inclusive price, kissing, showering together, GFE/PSE etc, are just included in the price, and I don’t feel any pressure to do anything I’m not comfortable offering because everyone else is offering it. I also don’t have to be nice to clients that aren’t nice; there were a few clients that were really pandered to and I don’t understand why, they’d throw a man baby tantrum and get waited on like they were special, despite them being terrible clients. All for the reputation. And I get that, I am a one-woman band, all I have is reputation, but I also am not going to pander to someone being a man child.

Both have great perks, and quite large minuses. I couldn’t tell you which one I prefer more, as they feel so different. The dark horse however, Sugaring, is actually my favourite. You get to really know someone, and it’s mutually beneficial without any of the drama that comes along with traditional relationships. If you find the right match with someone, it’s much more fun as you can spend more time together without time restraints, you can do more fun things, clients can directly see the financial impact they're having, and you can also say “not today” without anyone getting offended. But my goal would be to start my own agency one day though, as there aren’t any worker friendly brothels out there in wellington. The last one burnt down metaphorically a few months ago, and I can’t easily go to another agency, as most don’t like curvy girls, or don’t like that I worked at another agency, I’m to old, or to tattooed. And, there’s a few (most) that I’ve heard that just treat their workers like crap… Because they can. It’s sad that there is no wellington central agency that is just “normal” from a worker’s perspective. I hope one day that I could make one that’s a safe place to work and worker friendly. Because speaking from experience, when I’m happier in my environment, the better service I give and the more fun the client interactions are. Cause it’s a great job, and it’s a shame there so many power hungry people taking advantage of the vulnerable nature of the industry.

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