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Rinse and Floss

Oh, would you look at that. Two whole years in the industry. Happy anniversary to me! And happy birthday to me too! It’s been the longest and shortest two years of my life. So much has changed. I’ve done some heavy mental lifting during this time, and feel like I’m in a decent spot for the first time ever. Weird feeling to have. So, what have I been up to? Well, biggest one was I finally went to Japan, and can say hands down, that it was one of the best experiences of my life. I went for 11 days, stayed in Tokyo for the whole time. Saw lots of leather stores, and had a class under one of the best leather workers in the world, which was an absolute honour to meet them. A memory I will cherish. I loved the people, the Japanese are the most polite, considerate and lovely people I have ever met. Tokyo was absolutely nuts, and so fascinating. I did get overwhelmed with just how vast and dense the city was. Absolutely incredible. I plan to go to Japan often, if I can, and stay in a different prefecture each time. I’m not a fan traveling place to place for only a day or two. Rather experience a place for a longer period of time. So, eyeing up Kyoto or Osaka for the next one.

Also moved into a new apartment, upgraded from a studio to a one bedroom and it took a while to get comfortable in the space. And the rent makes my eyes water. But finally set it up in a way that works last week. So, yay me. And thirdly, I’m back studying to finish up my degree (about time), which I should be working on my assignment right now instead of writing this. But brain doesn’t want to even with my ADHD meds today. RIP me. Wish me luck, my assignment is due on the 14th, pray for me.

I’ve held back a bit in these blogs, talking about work things directly because I was scared at how it would affect work but I’m kind of in a “fuck it” state of mind these days. I was on adult forum earlier today and got irritated at a post and the following thread. There was a post complaining about a girl’s service, which fine, people are allowed to have opinions. But it hit me, and no offense to anyone, but this (I’m assuming) is a grown ass man, anonymously complaining on a forum about a 23-year-old girl, and that she was slightly mean to him. And the absurdity of that kind of struck me. Again, you’re allowed to review workers and things blah blah, free world etc. But reviews about Sex Workers are an interesting thought. The service is so subjective, and how I react to someone can be a direct reflection of how you treat me. So, I read these reviews about a complaint and usually it’s just a self-report (in my opinion) on how the client conducts themselves in the bookings. And, sometimes we have a off day. Or the match up between worker and client isn’t quite right. Sometimes, specially when I was at the agency, I would have a really bad experience in the prior booking and have to go through with the next booking right after, and I’d be not quite mentally there. It’s hard to tell, cause once the door is closed it really is a he said, she said situation.

Also, power dynamics. My god people. Think for a split second. I know the thought of a good romp can override the brain but, self-awareness. Dear god please. If you walk into the space, and have an off vibe going, I’m on edge straight away. The odds are drastically not in my favour already, and despite my love of the job, this is just a reality. I am out to my family and friends, and am privileged that they support me. But if something were to happen, what am I to do? Call the police? [Insert sarcastic laughter here] Because that historically has gone down well in sex work. I still will, but I'm just as unhappy about it as you will be. I would also rather not break out what I learnt in my few years doing MMA, it's a lot of effort. If you walk in to my space acting shady, I’m going to be watching you like a bloody hawk the whole time, and yes, that will affect the service I give you. A client can have a bad booking and have his day ruined, for me, a bad booking can be literally traumatic and mean even more bloody therapy. Most of you are bigger and stronger than me, and I let you into my space and have access to my body. Just think for a second why I could possibly feel unsafe for a second. Not to say the vice versa can’t happen, I have heard a few stories from the client’s side as well that blew my mind just as much.

If you want an enjoyable booking with me. Just act like a nice, decent, normal human being. Show up, be polite and pleasant. Follow instructions. It’s really not rocket science. It really does start with the txt inquiry. I have instructions on what to send, but 90% of inquiries somehow don’t follow this, so I do get a bit snippy sometimes in txt messages (I try my best not too but it does compound after a while). Also, don’t try Sext'ing me in the inquiries, I find that so annoying. I could be doing something serious in the real world when you inquire, I know it’s some peoples fantasy to think I’m just “horny” all the time because I’m a sex worker but leave the horny to the actual booking please. When you arrive have a decent shower, not a 30 second one. I’m not the type to chat for half the booking before the sex, unless you initiate the chatting. Or, are one of my nervous boys that need a bit more time to adjust. So having a five-minute shower is not going to cut into your fuck time, chill buddy. Soap up ya bits and pits, use the mouth wash or mints, and I can promise you I will definitely reward you for it. This might sound all whiney to you, and made be it is a little bit. But I’m, sadly, Human and made out of flesh, not silicone.

If you made it this far, congratulations, you win absolutely nothing. In fact, you get a Wishtender link for your pain, because it’s my birthday month! Aren’t you so sick of us posting these? Hahaha, tough shit. I demand a present for existing. Thank you. (Jokes a side I don’t expect anything, but it’s always extremely appreciated, even if it's just a coffee).

Stay safe, and try to stay sane,

See you soon,

Charlie xx

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