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A text message, or email, that is polite and straightforward is appreciated. Please follow the booking instructions I have given (on the Booking page). If texting and you need discretion, please advise to only txt when being texted, or advise if you have a preferred contact method or time to reach you. No screening information given in the message means it will be ignored.


Deposits are not refundable. I do understand that life happens, so rescheduling may be possible at my discretion, with adequate notice and a rescheduled date within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that my decision is final.

In the event that I need to cancel, you can choose either a reschedule or a refund.


I am discreet, respectful, and have excellent manners, and I expect the same of you in return. If at any point during our time together I feel that my boundaries are not respected or that my safety is compromised, I will terminate our date with no refund.


No shower, no booking. A shower is available at my in-call. Outcalls (at hotels only) you will need to shower while I am present and not prior. Or I will ask you to shower again. You must shower or else I will stop the booking and no refund will be given. Hygiene is very important. Always be freshly showered, have a shave, clean your teeth and make sure your fingernails are clean and not sharp. 

The Intimacy

Never get so carried away with sexual excitement that you overstep boundaries. Please always respect my wishes. I am human. There must be a good communication and understanding from the beginning of what services you're after, and my consent to them.

After Bookings

A nice message after the booking is generally appreciated, and further builds rapport – but it must stay at that. It is important that you do not make frequent contact unless making a booking. If you invite me out for dinner or to go out socially, it is a booking and therefore must be paid for.
Yes, I enjoy your company – but please do not forget it is a business arrangement. If you start to over step, I will have to decline to see you further.

Spoil Me

Want to spoil me? Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated. I have a wish list: 

General policy is, no refunds. Any money given to me voluntarily I will consider a tip. If you become problematic I will promptly block you. Zero tolerance policy.

New Clients: Text
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