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I’ve been a naughty girl; I’ve been branded a heartbreaker! And! A sexual demon on top of that. Completely outrageous! But this surely is a grave mistake, for I’m just this poor, sweet, innocent wee thing! Mister, Mister, please help me set this right! I’m an angel… Honest. It’s not my fault I love to tease… It’s not my fault I love to please... See, I just giggle (Maybe somewhat deviously I’ll admit) in their direction and suddenly they’ve lost their hold on their hearts! I didn’t purposefully make them hand it over you see. It just happens!

They say my curves are dangerous; my breasts, ridiculous! My legs, thick and luscious. My tattoos will scare you, but my charm will get you. I’m a lover, so I won’t fight you in the streets but I will spar you in the sheets. I mean, especially, if you do this one move- Oh, never mind, you’ll have to figure that one out. I don’t kiss and tell, but I’ll devour your soul- Er, I mean, I like dinner dates. Human food, yes. I’m not actually a demon, pfft, those don’t exist. Is it getting hot in here? No? Just me then.

Even though I land on the submissive scale, you’ll be the one eating out… Of my hands. Dirty man, get your mind out of the gutter. We’re whoresome around here. Typo? What typo, I’m dyslexic. Are you making fun of me now? Rude. What was I saying? I love to be snuggled, I love stealing those lips of yours for a sweet and tender kiss. I might run away with your heart, so you better tie me down. Just like my face, I lay it all bare (me and make up have beef, and not the good steak kind), I’m an open soul who just wants to shine bright… Red; in a very specific area.


So, Mister, will you help me prove my innocence? I solemnly swear that I’m a good girl, and I’m up to no good.


Stay safe, stay sane

Charlie xx

Marble Surface

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