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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

I stood outside room 704. I was nervous. I hugged my denim jacket tighter as if I were cold. I could leave, I told myself. Standing for a few seconds I debated with myself but in the end, I rose my fist to the door and knocked. I knocked lightly. It was like my mind was subconsciously hoping he wouldn’t hear it and I could turn around and leave. No. I wanted this. Looking down the hotel hallway, I licked my ruby lips, I hoped no one would see me. After a short time, I heard no movement behind the door. I had knocked to quietly. Fuck me, now I had to do it again. I mentally slapped myself. Do things once, do them properly and with resolve, I chastised myself. Taking a deep breath, I rose my fist to knock again. The door swung open. I jumped in fright with my hand in the air. I must have looked silly, and I could feel my face heating up. The first thing that hit me was his scent, I felt like I stepped into a forest. Teeth flashed in amusement.

“…Mark …Markus?” I stuttered. I nervously plucked at my bag strap, half looking up at him. I was hoping he’d say I had the wrong room.

“Charlie,” he stated, and stepped aside and motioned to enter the room. Slowly I entered the dimly lit room, only one bedside lamp was glowing next to the bed casting a warm glow across the room. Walking past him, I nervously looked up, and the hunger in his eyes set the butterflies in my stomach fluttering. The door clicked closed gently behind me and my heart sped up. Reluctantly I let go of my bag, which felt like a shield, and put it down next to the leather topped desk. Then shrugged out of my jacket putting it on the back of the chair. Looking around the room, I purposefully turned my back to him, I couldn’t face the desire in his eyes it make my stomach twist. I’d never stepped foot in an expensive hotel. Let alone a five star one. Everything just felt like it dripped money. The bed was massive, and a small army of golden pillows were artfully stacked upon it. Did anyone ever use them all? I felt him close the distance and he stood directly behind me. Not touching me but his presence overwhelming, pressing into me like a physical force. His hot breath tickled my ear as he leaned in,

“Hello kitten,” at those words, my heart did a summersault and I inhaled shakily.

“…Hello Sir,” I said to the room as he gently brushed my long hair behind my ear. My legs felt weak, I didn’t know this man apart from the messages and pictures we had shared online. We’d talked for weeks but meeting someone in person was terrifying. I only had met under a handful of people ever from online. I hadn’t planned on doing it again, but this. This, I just had to know.

“It’s nice to finally see you in the flesh pet,” strong arms closed in around me, and I felt very small but also safe. His short beard tickled and scratched lightly as he nuzzled my neck and my legs almost gave out, I was holding so much nervous tension, I couldn’t help but inhale sharply. I felt like a rabbit who’d been caught by a wolf. He held me as I started trembling slightly, his arm tightening around my waist, holding me in place.

I finally managed to squeak out, “it’s good to see you too… Sir,” and cringed slightly, so much for me being sexy. The word Sir still feeling unfamiliar and difficult to say with conviction. I felt him grin against my neck in response. Then teeth grazed me, lightning went through the pit of my stomach, and my body instinctively pressed into him. There was a low growl, and I felt him shift. My head was pulled back sharply as he suddenly grabbed a fist full of my long brown hair and the arm around my waist pressed me into him even harder. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped me as he bit down. Lord help me. I could tell I would never be able to go back. I met the devil himself. His scent, his presence, his strong arms were overwhelming, and I felt like I was quickly drowning. My mind was going blank already, he was dangerous, and that’s exactly want I wanted. I just wanted to feel and not to think for once in my life. I wanted to be absolutely devoured.

The bed was right in front of us, the fortunate and highly convenient lay out of a hotel room. He let go of my waist and moved us forward, hand still firmly holding my head back by my hair. My legs pressed up against the bed, and he pushed me down roughly, and I hit the expensive feeling duvet and I sunk into its heavenly comfort. I would have enjoyed it more but his hands on me were ever so distracting. My wardrobe of choice that evening of tight jeans suddenly seemed inconvenient, as he had me bent over but the height of my heels put my ass perfectly at level with his dick. Which he also seemed to notice. Hands grabbed my hips, and he pushed my hips back slowly grinding himself into me. I tried pushing myself up on to my hands, but his weight shifted, and I was pushed down into the bed again with a hand on the back of my neck. His weight suddenly pressed into me as he leant over, which sent me into absolute delight, I couldn’t help but squirm underneath him and felt that I was already starting to get very, very wet.

“Do you remember our safe word pet?” With that simple question, it suddenly got very real. My stomach erupted into even more butterflies, my hands gripped the duvet for dear life, and I nodded.

He growled at me not happy with that, “say it,” he commanded, as his hand on the back of my neck gripped harder.

“Rosemary!” I squeaked out again, and after a delay he chuckled,

“Good girl.” Oh, as they say, that hit different. I had never had a true Sir say those words to me. It melted my brain and had my pussy longing after him. His hand let go of the back of my neck, only to be replaced by his other hand on my back while he grabbed something out of the back pocket of his jeans. Metal clinked softly. I squirmed, knowing what that meant. His weight pressed into me again, cold metal kissed my wrist, then he dragged my right arm and pulled it back roughly. I squeaked again and I squirmed hard; talking about my fantasies online with him was one thing but having them play out was an entirely different thing. My breathing came hard and fast, my heart raced, and my body was completely alight. I was burning for him. His forearm pressed down on my back and held me in place as he grabbed my left arm. Metal closed in around my other wrist and with a simple click, I was now at this man’s mercy. His weight disappeared off me, leaving me instantly feeling cold, as he stood back looking down on me. I could see him in the windows reflection with a slight smile on his face. I squirmed, twisting my arms testing the cuffs. The metal bit into my skin; yup, they were definitely real, which made me swallow nervously again. Grabbing me, he stood me up and walked me over to the floor length mirror that was next to the door. Our reflection stared back at us. A younger woman stood there, her white blouse and hair slightly dishevelled, her face was red, and she was breathing hard from nervousness and lust. Behind her stood a man who was at least a head taller than her, he had a shaven head and his neat greying beard indicated he was her senior. His features were hard, but the slight wrinkles around his eyes spoke of good humour. He wore a fitted dark grey t-shirt that hugged his shoulders showing off some well-developed muscle. I watched as his arms snaked around me from behind again, and a hand grabbed my chin pulling my face towards his slightly. His thumb slid over my bottom lip as he leaned in, a simple move that made me melt.

“You’re going to watch yourself beg me to fuck you, my pet.”

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