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A mighty need

I have a mighty need. Japan and the Tokyo Leather Fair. Support me to follow my passion.. With some passion (Ba dum da tissshhh, I'm terrible) Or, you can be a legend and donate to the cause and get me to nerd heaven! Links to wishtender for donating:

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Whelp, it’s 2024. New year, new me. Or something like that. I feel extremely restless and stuck at the same time. And it doesn’t feel good. I feel very stagnant, specifically in Sex Work. I still enjo

Quickie in Napier and Studies.

Hey Strangerfolks! Just a quick update, Going on an impromptu tour to Napier 25th to 27th, so three nights only! I also finish my studies in two weeks, so I'll be available full time again. And I'll h


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